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Seal APK Download

Seal APK (All OS Support)


Seal APK Download

Seal APK (Android 10 & 12)


Seal APK Download

Seal APK (Android 12 & up)


Seal an app that has been specially curated by keeping you in mind, for you to be able to watch and download stories from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok and other social media platforms without leaving a trace. Now you can save photos, videos, reels, and stories to your devices simply with a tap of your fingers and all that you need is simply a link! To sum it up, Seal Apk is an Android video downloader.

It also has a wide variety of additional features other than the ones mentioned before, including a user-friendly interface, making a personalized playlist, creating video thumbnails, and personalized notifications of your choice, all of which will be discussed in detail for you here.

Changelog- v1.11.3:

Version 1.12.1


  • Add auto update interval for yt-dlp
  • Cookies page now shows the current count of cookies stored in the database


  • Intercept non-HTTP(s) URLs opened in WebView
  • Videos are remuxed to mkv even when download subtitle is disabled
  • Use MD2 ModalBottomSheetLayout in devices on API < 30
  • Block downloads when updating yt-dlp

Known issues

  • TextFields(IME) fallback to plain character mode when showing a ModalBottomSheet
  • yt-dlp might be broken if you tried to download something while it was
    updating (bad local file header). To fix it, you just need to update yt-dlp again
Version 1.11.3


  • Merge multiple audio streams into a single file
  • Allow downloading with cellular network temporarily


  • App creates duplicated command templates on initialization
  • Cannot make video clip in FormatPage
Version 1.11.2
  • Keep subtitles files after embedding into videos
  • Force all connections via ipv4
  • Add system locale settings for Android 13+


  • User agent gets enabled when refreshing cookies
  • Restrict filenames not working in custom commands


  • Transition animation should look more smooth now
Version 1.9.2
  • Resolve the issue that prevents Incognito mode from functioning in v1.9.1.
  • Correct the misplacement of quality tags in AudioQuickSettingsDialog.
  • Address the problem of mismatched formats when utilizing Save as audio & Download playlist.

How to download Seal APK on an Android device?

Seal is essentially an all-rounder online media downloader tool under the native support of the Android ecosystem. Hence, downloading the app involves the same process as in case you download any other Android app. The main problem is that you can't find the SEAL APK in Google Play Store or Apple app store. Since it was never published on either of the platforms.

Don't worry, to solve this exact issue, we at SEALAPK.PRO has launched the SEAL application for Download. We have uploaded all the old and latest versions of the APK here. To download the app just follow these simple guides-

Step-1: Go to your Chrome (or any) browser and type- and press enter. You can try it with both mobile and PC.

Step-2: Our website shall load within a second. Reconfirm the website address. Once you are satisfied, find the download button on the page and click it.

Step-3: Upon clicking the first button, a new page will open up which is the dedicated page for all the SEAL APK versions.

Step-4: On the download page you can see 3 different variants of the application as per the Android OS version. If you are using Android 10 or 12 phones, then you should select "armeabi-v7a". For any other Android OS, you must select the "arm64 v8a". Lastly, if you are using Android 12 or above, then the "x86" is the option to download.

Step-5: Now just download the appropriate variant of the Seal. Once the file gets downloaded, click on the APK file twice and install it just like another application.

To know about how to use it and what Seal does offer as features, visit here.

Note: Presently Seal APK only supports Android devices and PCs. Seal is not available for Apple (iOS) devices. Although, there is news that the developer JunkFood02 will release the SEAL for iOS devices very soon. We will upload the file here as soon as it is available. Keep visiting this website in order to get the latest updates on the Seal video download app. Thank You :).